I Want to Lay Her Off


I have a problem I need advice on. There is a small girl I want to lay off from work but can’t get the right words to do it.

I call her small girl because we met when she was in her teens, hustling to gain admission into the university. I loved her smartness and zeal to better her life. This drew me closer to her just to patronize her goods but later fell in love with her. She was so focused that she didn’t accept my proposal but her friendship was great. One day, I faked sickness and invited her over to my house because I wanted to have her all to myself.

I forced myself on her. She didn’t say no but I guess she had no other choice. She was neat and tight down there and this made me want her more but that was how our friendship ended because she was very disappointed in me. I was a banker then so when I got transferred to a different branch I didn’t see her again for years.

Several years later, I bumped into her when she was on a job hunt. She applied to join my company. When I saw her CV, I decided to rectify my mistake made those years ago by giving her a chance to work. Now she’s all grown up, beautiful and very good at her job too.

I tried my best but couldn’t resist her. I made a move on her but she didn’t say no this time. The innocent and naive small girl I used to know is now naughty and crazy. She has opened a chapter in my sex life that I never knew. Blindfolding, handcuffs, whipping and other crazy stuffs I can’t mention. With her I feel like a teenager falling in love for the first time.

But my problem is that I am married and madam is the exact opposite of her. Trying a new style in bed is an issue, romancing too is a no no. I love my wife because she stood by me when I was down with nothing, I feel I’ll be betraying her trust and I’m also sacrificing my emotional feelings for her. Though I want to let the other lady go I don’t know how to do it, since she’s not causing trouble for me at work. Hence I am afraid the management will question my decision.

What has informed my decision is that off late she doesn’t pay attention to me. I’ve learnt she’s going out with on gentleman in my close friend’s company. He comes and picks her up for lunch in his SUV. I must say I am very jealous and even planning to let my friend lay him off so I can have my girl with me.

I’m confused and don’t know what to do. Advise me please for I am dying inside.

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Written by Abena Magis

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