I Want to Lay Her Off 2


Trust you’re doing fine. This is the feedback to the lay her off story I sent.

Dear Manofam, I do understand the rage and anger most felt about my wanting to lay my small girl off. I know I’m being selfish but I think at times one needs to be selfish to reach their goals. Why am I saying this?

It’s very true I started life with my wife (then girlfriend) with nothing but I made sure she achieved her academic dreams when I won my first contract. That opportunity was a huge turning point in my life and I always thank God for that. My marriage issues started after my beautiful wife had her Master’s and was promoted as the head at her work place.

I’m 33 while she’s 31. We married 3years ago and I’d love to start a family. Altogether, she wants to enjoy marriage small before kids come in but I see it as her not being rational because she’s growing. We’ve sat her down on several occasions to talk to her. When I mentioned we I meant myself and her immediate family.

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I Want to Lay Her Off

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I’ve done that with her at dawn but still. I feel her job was a bit demanding since she can still be on the laptop even after when I need my woman with me. I suggested that she resign from her current position and head a branch of my company but she won’t.

Being attached to my small girl is all because of how she treats me. Although she bleeps me most often, the level of respect this lady shows towards me is good. I made her stay in one of my houses so I can visit her at anytime. I can’t divorce my wife because of our families and social status. It’s gonna be a huge scandal.

Laying her off is not rendering her jobless since I’ve made plans for her to work at a different branch, she can even manage it with some coaching. I want to get her pregnant. Being a father will complete my dreams after all what are we after in this world? She’s 26yrs.

I have discussed this with her but her fears are about my family and the circle of friends I have. Hence, her decision to go out with that gentleman. I can fly her out to stay and have my kids because time waits for no man. If I die now who takes it all? My wife? Hell NO.

Written by Abena Magis

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