I Want To Get Rid Of Her.

Dear Auntie Abena,

Good day Auntie.
The thing is, I am a student and working as well. I recently lost my job due to covid. And the lady I am dating does not help me in anyway. NB. We staying together in a single room. She’s now planning to go bring her son from the village to come and stay with us.

I’m also struggling to find a new job but all has proved futile. My mum doesn’t like the idea of us staying together without her family knowing me. I always have to cover her up to my mum that she’s working but not. I really want to get rid of her but I don’t know how to go about it since we are staying together.

We are of the same tribe though but mum has warned me soo much about people of our tribe. I do love her though but we can’t stay like this forever. I just want to get rid of her and focus on my life for now. Pls notify me when posted.

Written by East@Edito468

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