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I Want to Exchange My Wife


Please I am in distress.
My wife is killing me with sex. It’s been three years and not a single day without sex. When we were dating she was living away from me so I didn’t know she was a sex addict. Sometimes I have to deny her sex but it turns into a fight anytime I do that. She will disturb me until I do it.

Sometimes I have to pretend to be sick so she doesn’t bother me. If it was one round serf I would consider but she is never satisfied with one round. Because of that I feel pains sometimes in my dick. We have been to the hospital for check up and also done counselling. I am even tired. After having our first child, I thought she would change but she is still doing that.

No one should say I should exchange her because I will gladly do it.

Written by Abena Magis

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