My Husband Gave Me Sleeping Pills


For the past 3 weeks I’ve been stuck indoors so confused and angry. Auntie I’m so damn angry with my husband and the father. I’m here asking myself what sort of stupid and crazy human beings are they that they can put somebody’s daughter through what they’re putting me through. To face a shame I least expected they’ll put me through. That two men can smile with me and plan evil like this shocks me and I don’t know how to even understand it.

Auntie Abena, can you believe that my husband put sleeping pill in my drink for his father to sleep with me? Is my husband mad? Is he correct in the head? How stupid can a person be to do that to his own wife?

My father in-law is a very nice person. If I don’t say that then I’m lying. He was even the one who asked his son why he didn’t want to tie the knot with me after almost 3 years of dating. He paid for a lot of the expenses and my family really respect him because he’s calm, respectful and understanding.

Last year was a bad year for him because he kept getting sick and because all his kids have moved away to the city, he’s alone in the house. My husband’s niece was staying with him but she’s now in a fashion school and hardly has time. The 2 live-in staff they employed to help him all went to steal from him.

He has a heart condition which was affecting him so in September my husband asked if, “Daddy could move in with us for some weeks for him to go for regular checkups?” I said sure why not. My inlaw doesn’t like disturbing and will never complain about the type of food you prepare for him or anything. He’s very good with giving advice too so we were living like a family.

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I got pregnant last year but it was ectopic so it was removed. I felt so bad because that was my first pregnancy. Then I found out I was pregnant on 6th January and was so happy that I told my husband. Instead of being happy, he had this look on his face. When I questioned him he said nothing. I questioned him and he still said nothing for some few weeks before telling me.

He finally told me and I started weeping. That his dad had some chest pains and went for checkup but was scared he was dying. He then told my husband that he hasn’t had sex ever since his wife (my husband’s step mom. His mother died during child birth) died and wanted to have sex. They were thinking of who to give him the sex and my inlaw suggested me. That’s why my husband put sleeping pills in my drink (I drink milo every night before I sleep).

So when I told him I’m pregnant he didn’t know if it’s for him or his father but knows DNA will prove it. Auntie I can’t write anymore please let your Manofans advice me on what to do.

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Written by Abena Magis

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  1. That’s a really terrible thing, I mean, there are sex workers all over the place and they choosed you. Father and son… if your husband can concur to that then he can do more to harm you.

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