I Want to Cancel the Marriage


I salute you Abena, happy New Year. I’m 30 years, and all my life, I’ve been in 3 relationships (including my current girlfriend, making three).

Auntie Abena, I guess I’m not lucky in relationships. I hate lies so much, and I had to break up with my two exes because of how they could tell lies! I find it disheartening when my girlfriend lies to me, I end up not believing anything she says after that, not even when she greets me “Good morning.” I’m that allergic to people who lie, it really gets to me.

Next topic, I’ve been dating my girlfriend for 9 months now. I love her so much and we plan on marrying this May (2021) but I’m suddenly feeling awkward and want to change my mind. That’s because my girlfriend is no different from my two exes who were chronic liars.

Even when I catch her, she sometimes apologizes but repeats it. Sometimes also, she will lie and when I catch her, she would even swear on it and defend the lies, when I show her evidence, she will then come and apologize. This is a girl that before we started dating, I told her severally that, I hated lies but, from the look of things, I want to cancel our upcoming marriage.

I have lost trust in her and doubt her in anything she says. The foundation of the relationship has now been shaken badly. I don’t know how to communicate my intention to her about the cancellation of our marriage and I don’t think she will change from lying and I don’t want to take the risk. What do you think I should do?

Written by Abena Magis

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  1. Please re u trying to say u have never lied before,is not anything u re to be told and it is to be hidden to safe the relationship.u need to stop dat or u might throw away a precious gift God has given u

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