I Want to Break Up with My Boyfriend


please let your lovely fans help me with this. So I want to break up with my man and these are my reasons.

  • I’ve never spent a full day with him in our one year of relationship and anytime I complain, he gives me the “I’m busy” statement.
  • He always hides my stuff in his room.
  • He ignores my calls almost all the time unless he needs sex.
  • He is a liar, a very good one too.
  • He is very dishonest with his words.
  • I found a new sex gel in his room some weeks back. I visited recently and the sex gel had been used. We didn’t use it together. ( I got to know it was new because I had opened it and seen the seal covering it but I didn’t ask him because I wanted to see something)
  • I have seen his car dropping another lady close to my workplace. He doesn’t know I have seen him a number of times.
  • He has another girlfriend who spends the weekends with him (I got to know through his closet brother whom he stays with in his house)
  • If I don’t call him, it takes almost a week to hear from him

Auntie Abena these are the reasons for me breaking up with him. But the problem is, he has no idea, absolutely no idea this break up is coming. I am a very patient person and I have been very patient with him. I have talked to him about these issues and he denies everything and even with the sex gel, he told me it belongs to a friend.

Actually he thinks he has been very smart about his dealings but my mind is made up already. I feel disgusted that he is able to go naked in front of another woman and insert his dick in her pussy (a dick I put in my mouth).

Auntie Abena it hurts too much and I cannot even forgive myself for putting up with this mpo. Please how do I go about telling him I’m done with him and my reasons for doing so, and also make my reasons tangible? Mind you we’re set to marry next year. Please help me ????????????. Thanks.

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Written by Abena Magis

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