I Want to Break Up With My Boyfriend Because of His Mom


I’m so confused that I don’t know what to do.Today was our Introduction day. My man had been keeping me away from his family for the 2 years we’ve been dating. It’s just this year, April, that he finally took me to his house after I told him if he doesn’t I’ll walk away (I was fed up meeting in hotels).

I was very happy when we went to meet his parents because finally he was doing something I wanted but Auntie Abena I have regretted and I still regret this meeting. His mother! Eiii me I can’t oh. I cut my hair because of a hairstyle that didn’t favour me. It caused my hair to break off with bad dandruff so I cut it and curled it. It’s not short though. It’s like a cute afro but this woman saw it and said it’s only women who are loose (two two) that cut their hair. I wanted to explain but she told me to keep quiet in her presence.

Her son didn’t utter a word as this woman told me my dress is too skin tight and as a prospective married woman, she doesn’t want to see me wearing clothes that are tight, revealing, short or see through. It’s not that my dress was short oh. I wore a similar dress as the picture but the color is more of blue and yellow.

She told me that acrylic nails are devilish so I should remove mine and wig too is unnatural, also devilish. I should either keep my hair natural or perm it. I sat there watching this woman quietly and asking myself what exactly was going on? She dressed me proper and after that told me to consider these if I want to be part of the family. Her husband (Mike’s father) supported her.

What made the whole thing worse was when Mike introduced me as a nurse. This woman said all manner of bad things about nurses that I felt so bad and sad. Before going there today, I made a promise to myself that no matter how she welcomed me I was going to show her love but what she said about my profession drained me. I asked her that in spite of all the bad experiences she’d faced, was she sure she had never met even one good nurse? She said no. Mike said his cousin is one. Then his mother said, “she had good training from her parents which is why she’s that good.”

In fact I felt so bad. We got back (it’s a 2 hour journey there) and I told Mike that it’s over. I cannot stand his mother and don’t want to continue this relationship knowing his mother and I will always clash. He’s refusing to accept it saying that it’s his mother’s first time meeting me. That when she gets to know me more she’ll change her opinion of me. I feel this will never work but he’s so sure. Please post this to see if I can get some help and answers. Thank you

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Written by Abena Magis

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