I Want to Break Up My Ex’s Marriage


Good day.

I need you and your fans to help me. I was having a boyfriend from the university days. We were together for three years. Not knowing whiles dating me, he got married to his ex girlfriend but was still dating me and I didn’t know. I knew the lady and her number so I used to snap pictures with him together in bed and put it on my WhatsApp DP to mock the lady.

One day, this lady posted their traditional pictures and used it as her DP. When I saw it, I was broken hearted. I confronted my boyfriend and we fought and fought about it. He said he was sorry but can’t leave his wife because they had two children by then. I forgave him and put the past behind me.

5 years have passed and I have two kids though not married and this guy has come into my life again. He says he has regretted ever letting me go because his wife is treating him bad and so on. I let him into my life again and we slept together from time to time. I even lend him money. Now the situation is his wife found out about us and called me. I didn’t deny but neither did I confirm it. They’re are now fighting because of me.

I told him to let his wife go because she told me she is leaving the marriage but my man is begging his wife to stay saying they have 4 children together. He told me he can’t let his wife go. Now if I call him, he doesn’t respond to my calls even though I have threatened to tell everything going on between us to his wife. Now it seems like I am pregnant for him.

I don’t know what to do if I am really pregnant or what he will say but I pray I am pregnant. I want to trap him and break his marriage. Maybe that will make him marry me. Please let your fans help me if I am doing the right thing. Please keep me anonymous. 

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Written by Abena Magis

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