I Want to Be With Janet But…

Illustration: Manofan


There’s this thing bothering me soo much which I want the group to help me talk to her. There’s this lady on your page who is tearing me apart. It all started when I posted in a FB group that I needed a lover. So many people replied which I chose the one I want.

I was in Bolga at that time so came down to meet her but a girl I wasn’t expecting rather showed up. I visited her and spent the night there. This lady gave me real good sex that I can’t forget and she has the type of pussy I seriously love, very wet and juicy.

Now the problem is after I went back to Bolga communication between us became a problem due to some reasons but seriously I wanted to make things up with her but she didn’t see me as being serious about her. I am now in Accra which she visited me last year and we had sex again again sex. Since then that was all, she refused to let me see her until recently when she had a serious broken heart which made her to invite me over to her place.

As soon as I entered we had sex again. I thought now things would be ok with us but she still sees me as a joke, she doesn’t take my seriously.

Auntie Abena seriously I really want to be with Janet. Please can the group help me talk to Janet that she should please be serious with me?
Please hide my identity.

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Written by Abena Magis

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