I Want My Man Back.


Hello aunt Abena.
Greetings to you and your lovely fans.
Please help, I want to understand something and this post goes to the mature men on your page.

Please I have been in a relationship with my guy for two and a half years now..
We are both same age 28yrs. We both come from broken home. I mean like there’s no help coming from the family and so we’re both hustling for a better future.
Through our relationship, a lot has happened and we always work things out.

Now the problem is I got pregnant during the pandemic. We were financially down but he told me that we should have the baby and he will do everything to provide for us. And truly he took care of me so much that I was amazed. So long story short the baby died at birth and it broke me down, I was depressed, but he was there for me and did everything for me to get better.

After two we decided to travel outside the country so he did everything for me to go first. By God grace I arrived safely and got a job and everything was going the way we planned. Unfortunately my nightmare started when I received a message from a certain lady who claimed my man has deceived her by taking money from her. She said he told her that they will get married so anytime my guy asked for money she gave him.

She sent me their whatsapp conversation and honestly I was hurt and I couldn’t control myself. I called him and didn’t even ask for explaination, I said so much hurtful words to him and told him it’s over. But later I sat down and thought about it. This man is a very good man. He treats me with so much love and respect and I must say he is my favorite person. He called and apologized and said that he doesn’t want to say anything about the issue until he sees me.

I waited for him and a few days ago he arrived and we met up talked. Some of the things the lady said were not even true so I told him I’m sorry and that I love him. But he looked at me and called my name and said, “if we put the love aside, I really like you but right now I feel disconnected from you.” He said he is emotionally unavailable and that he can’t ask me to wait for him till he comes around so I should do things that will make my life better but I shouldn’t close myself from him and that I should permit him to call from time to time to check up on me.

The truth is I love this man so much and we have a lot of plans and dreams together. Guys am I losing him forever? Will he come around or is there something I can do to bring him back? I really want to stay strong but I’m confused and don’t know what to do.

Whether to move on or wait for him to heal and come around.

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