I Want My Girlfriend Back


Please how are you doing? I want you and your Fans to help me. I met this a from Kumasi at the University. We were good friends and eventually I fell for her. We started dating and along the line, as a Christian brother I started been devoted to the church and its activities.

This really made me so busy that I couldn’t get enough time for her. She needed my attention but I just couldn’t forfeit my activities to be with her though I truly loved her. Her consistent complains made me to lose interest in her, I sent her a WhatsApp message telling her that we should just be friends.

After a month, I found out that I still love her so much. I approached her to let her know that I’m still in love with her but she has become so strange to me. She answers my calls alright, she talks to me calmly but my problem is, anytime I talk about we coming back together, she doesn’t give me her consent.

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I got angry and spoke to her in a way I shouldn’t have. I even blocked her on WhatsApp because of her complains, anytime I posted something about relationship on my WhatsApp status, she’d tell me I’m talking about her so I muted her there.

Now I love her again. I promise to change from my old ways and give her anything she wants from me. She doesn’t ask for money from me, she gives me instead. I love her so much but not because of what she gives me, I will do it rather for her. We dated for some months and all those things started popping up.

I have never kissed her before nor had sex before which she appreciates. I also love the relationship that way till we get married. She is a virgin, I’m her first boyfriend according to her, yet still I want her now but she isn’t giving in. Not that she has found someone ooh, she said she has lost interest in relationships.

My problem is, I love her still, I need her but now she qcts like she doesn’t want to be in any relationship again. I have had people to talk to her for me, but yet still to no avail. What do I do now?

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Written by Abena Magis

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