I Want My 70 Ghana Back


Admin please approve.

You are on this platform and you really know yourself.
I came to your inbox and upon series of chats and interaction, you gave me your number.
We have been talking for the past two weeks and you told me to send you Momo for transportation to come and spend some days with me here in Accra.
Your T&T was not even up to GHS50 sef but I sent you GHS71 so you could cash out exactly GHS70 and use some to buy food on your way coming.

After you received the money, you have refused to reply my chats and answer my calls too. You’ve gone ahead to block me on messenger and calls as well.
I called you with a different number and when you heard my voice, you quickly hanged up.

My sister, I don’t want any problem with you. Just send my GHS71 back same way as I sent to you.
Don’t push me please!!!

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Written by Abena Magis

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