I Want to Do My Ex “For Girls”


Hope you are doing well? My ex girlfriend and I broke up almost a year ago. She’s moved on but I’m tempted to do her “for girls” juju to bring her back into my life

A friend introduced me to her. (. I was too much into this girl to the extend of introducing her to my mum. I’m in one of the popular Tertiary schools in Ghana. She was in the Nursing training first year (likewise me too) we loved each other and agreed to settle down one day.

Everything was moving on cool with us until last year December vacation when they were came home for the Xmas Vacation, Auntie Abena could you believe this girl changed drastically? When I called she wouldn’t answer. She stopped replying my texts too. I became broken hearted.

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All that while we hadn’t met physically though but the love was there. This girl I’m talking about couldn’t live for an hour or two without calling me but when she got home it seized. She could live for days without calling me. When I called too she won’t answer.

I became worried and spoke to my best friend thus our Betweener to ask the girl her reason for doing that. She said nothing. I kept my cool trying to resolve everything alone.

After sometime, our Betweener also stopped calling me. I realized she changed her SIM as well. I tried texting her on Instagram ans she blue tick me. I was hurt.

My ex’s cousin knew we were dating so I reached out to him and told him everything. He was like he will talk to her. Auntie Abena, after three days, he called to tell me his cousin had fallen for someone else but he’s sorry.

I got the shock of my life till now. By then Technical Universities were back in school to write their exams. I couldn’t learn and eat as well. Someone I didn’t plan to quit with did this to me? I nearly killed myself on my birthday because she didn’t call to wish me

Yesterday I called her but she didn’t answer. Auntie Abena all I want to do now is to take her to a powerful Priest to do her “For girls” juju for me. I can’t stop thinking of her. I really love her deeply. Help a son here please ????. Should I take her to the Priest? I need advice pls

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Written by Abena Magis

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  1. Look, my friend, somethings are not worth fighting for. Do you take in to consideration the remification of your intention? Do you really think she is the only best lady on earth? What makes you think the love you have for her now will remain like that when exerted to pressure?
    Do not destroy yourself following your sentiments, it is not worth it. You have a lot of life ahead of you. Concentrate on your studies and make the best out of your life. Don’t give the devil opportunity to destroy you. ..

  2. ????????????????????????‍♂️
    Boss relax. These spiritual things have side effects the Mallam won’t tell you. Please be careful. Look after three months ern you won’t even remember her po. Forget about her please. What if you do it and the guy she is with also does same?

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