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I Want a Divorce After 3 Months of Marriage

Good morning family. Please I really need advice from you. I know a lot of insults will come up but the mistake has been made. I’m a lady of 28 years and married to a guy of 33 years old. We dated for 3 years before getting married and honestly speaking there were a lot of red flags 🚩 coming from his side concerning women, faithfulness, attention, communication and affection.

We broke up so many times 🤦🏾‍♀️ but both families (his and mine) kept bringing us back with the saying that “The devil 😈 you know is better then the angel 😇 you don’t know “🤦🏾‍♀️ . He will come and beg and cry 😭 so bad and promise he is a changed person and that he never knew what he had and I’ll forgive him.


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We got married 3 months ago and now the problems are; we have only had sex two times. Not that I’m not beautiful because my skin alone will make you wanna touch me and all my features are still standing and smooth 🙈 but 🤷🏽‍♀️ also whenever I’m not at home a lady from his work place calls him after every two days. They can talk for 16, 28 to 30 minutes but when I’m with him he will not pick up her call (I questioned him about it and he said the lady calls just to talk about work )

The questions I keep on asking myself are; what do they talk about about every two days for that long? Does the thing bring solutions? Why can’t he pick up when I’m with him? Meanwhile, when we are home and I want us to talk not about our future ooo but you know that communication where you talk about anything that comes in mind he will not talk.

When I ask, “why are you not talking?” He goes like, ”I have nothing to say” so basically we can stay in the room without talking and he’s ok. (Most times he is busy on his phone chatting or just reading things on social media and commenting). When we step out to church or go visit a family member, he keeps staring at any nice lady he sees like he is looking for a particular person and that makes me feel super stupid and less of myself as a lady.

Two weeks after our wedding was my birthday, 99% of my years with him I have always given him something on his birthday (cake, shirts, shoes, watch, etc) Even if I don’t have money I borrow like GH¢50.00 from friends and buy him a bowl of KFC chicken with coke or buy malt and ideal milk which is like GH¢10.00 mix with ice for him to drink and then say a prayer for him and say all the good things into his life.

But whenever it’s my birthday, he acts like nothing is happening. Not even a word of good wishes into my life but he will use me on his status, block a lot of people and wish me a happy birthday. I don’t need much from him, all I needed from him was to take me down on our knees and thank God with me and say good things into my life since we are married now but nothing 😭.

Family, I don’t know what to do because I’m not happy at all and we are just 3 months down the marriage. I’m dying inside because I’m living with a man I can’t talk to I AM NOT HAPPY please advice me because I want to ask for a divorce 🙏🏾

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Written by Abena Magis

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