I Walked Away Because of Her Question


So I saw this Toyota LE, wine color with new number plate in the middle of Lapaz N1 and a very sweaty woman in it stranded and didn’t know what to do. Every driver that passed either shouted at her or threw dirty insults. I could only see fear and panic all over her face. I rushed to the car and asked her what’s wrong.

She said the car was refusing to start. I quickly opened the car boot and took out two triangles signs, placed one at the back of the car and one beside it. Them I opened the engine to check battery terminals but realized the engine wasn’t off. II told her to come out of the car and sat inside, turned off the engine and on again. I realized the car wasn’t faulty, it was just the handbrake that was stuck.

I fixed it, turned the gear to drive and realized the car was in perfect condition just that she’s a new driver. So I told her to put the triangles in and sit behind me so I could move the car to a safer side of the road for her because we were still in the middle of the road. To my surprise she looked at me and said, “what if you run away with the car?”

I was really hurt by what she said so I parked the car, put the triangles in it, gave her the keys and walked away. I know she will probably see this post sooner or later. Lesson for today. Not everyone deserves a helping hand.

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Written by Abena Magis

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