I thought marriage would change him but I was wrong


Hello Aunty Abena,

Good morning. I want to tell my story about over protection of phone. Hmm I met my husband then boyfriend 2013 after I completed shs. He was working but the company collapsed so he came home. I education the following year so I went to a training school without his penny but I shared whatever I made with him.

My mum passed on around 2015. My dad too was a pensionier so it was hard for me but I stood firm to be with this guy no matter the distraction from friends and family. His date of birth was my password. could pick my calls especially the unknown numbers, go out with my phone and even wake up at dawn to switch on my data to see if I had been cheating. Auntie didn’t bother because I felt he needed to trust me.

Fast forward around 2019 his company came back and he was called back to work but was paid 3 times his old salary. That’s when his real life started hmm. He got me pregnant. After 3 months he changed his password, put his phone on silence, always went out to make calls and, turned his phone upside down so I wouldn’t see who was even calling.

What hurt me most is he would sleep on his phone. I wondered what was going on with his phone. Was he protecting something more precious than me or…? I knew he being a guy can cheat but I needed to be respected not just because I’m with him but for the sake of what I have been through. Then I saw him with different gals. They would go out chilling and spending unnecessarily. What pained me was that he had never gone out with me. I was always at his house to cook, clean and take care of the baby. I prevented him from marrying me but all he said was I’m the one he wanted to be with and he can’t leave me.

So I told myself ok. Let me accept and marry him, maybe he will change after. We got married last 2 month but it’s been hell. He doesn’t even stay home, he goes out and comes home late. He’s always on call waiting as if I don’t exist. I don’t do friends all I have is my baby and my younger sister. I always cry anytime I’m alone thinking if I have offended anyone to go through this pain. I want to divorce him and live my life without him but I I don’t know how.

What bothers me is I have been posted far away from him. How am I going to live away from this cheating husband of mine? I need help from ur fans because I feel the world has ended for me.

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Written by Abena Magis

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