I Think Mum Likes My Brother


Please I need advice for my brother. We discussed about this and because he isn’t on Facebook, he agreed I send you this to post for advice.

We’re both in the Western North. I work as a mobile money operator while he is a carpenter. He dropped out in JH2 to take over our late father’s workshop and help me our mum with my schooling because she was struggling to take care of 5 kids.

My brother has been the backbone of the family from school fees to feeding and he’s still been able to build a chamber and hall which he’s living in. Mum moved in with him 2 months ago and that’s where the issues started.

The family room she’s lived in all our lives, the roof was taken off during a rainstorm and a crack developed in the wall. Bro wanted to build a place for her which is why he made her move to stay with him for the time being.

She created enmity between him and his girlfriend. Any little thing the girl did mum will complain to bro but never to her which turned into petty quarrels as you know women. The girl told bro to sack mum which he refused so she’s now dating someone else.

Bro says of late, mum wants him to sleep on the bed with her. When he leaves to sleep on his chair she’ll tell him that she used to sleep on the same bed with him when he was a kid so he’s forced to sleep on the bed. She sleeps naked with him on the bed, always asking him to massage her back.

What makes the thing very weird is she asked him yesterday if he used to have sex with his ex. He didn’t know how to answer and she went to the extent of asking to see his D. When he said he can’t, she told him she raised him and tried to hold it. He left the room for her and came to my end. I’m renting a room with my boyfriend and can’t have him move here.

He has to go home tonight but doesn’t know how to deal with mum now. We’re thinking she wants to have sex with him but maybe we’re only thinking bad. We’re confused that’s why we wanted to put before the fam. If it’s true she wants to sleep with him, what can we do? She’s our mum.

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Written by Abena Magis

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  1. I am not the least surprised by this news, as I know of a man who was in that situation with his mom. The man’s mother “forced” him into having sex with her. Shortly thereafter, this man’s business started booming. He became very rich. He eventually got sick and tired of that, and stopped having affair with the mother. All his wealth just vanished like that… My advice to your brother is that he has to ensure he never does anything with your mom. That will be the beginning of his end, if he does it. You guys should confront your mom. She will definitely feel embarrassed and stop it, hopefully. Cheers.

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