I Think I Have Found My Donated Sperm


This issue happened about 2003 when I was in JSS 2. One of my teachers who was a pastor called four boys in the school to come to the Staff Common Room. We thought we had done something bad so we were all scared.

When we went, we found him sitting with a lady whom later I got to know was the pastor’s church member. We waited outside then he called us in turns just to talk. A week after that encounter, he called me and told me that the lady I saw that day was his church member. She had been married for five years but couldn’t give birth.

When they went to check at the hospital, they found out it was from the man who was having low sperm count. The only option they had was to get a sperm and do artificial insemination and the woman chose me out of the four guys. My reward was that they will pay my fees and examination fee for my BECE as well as my admissions fee for SHS. (They paid till I completed SHS so all the fees I took from my parents went into my pocket).

I asked my teacher if I will have sex with the woman since that’s the only way I knew then but they said no. Instead they introduced me to masturbation /which I got addicted to for 15 years before I was able to overcome it). I took the offer, masturbated then ejaculated into a condom and gave it to my teacher.

That was the last time I heard from the woman but my teacher was still around till I completed JSS and SHS. My kid sister gained admission into a Secondary School in 2017. She resembles me a lot so she told me there is a lady in her school who people always say they look alike.

My kid sister was born in June 2003, the same year I did the sperm donation. So I went to visit her. She came with the other student and I was shocked. This girl looks just like me and even has a birth mark which looks exactly like mine in the exact same place I have mine. I did not talk to her about it though.

Right now, I don’t know whether to look for her mother to see if she was the woman i did the sperm  donation to. My former teacher (the pastor) is still around. I even chatted with him on Facebook but I have not told him about what I have seen. Well, we have not talked about it since I left Junior high school.

I’m married with twins now so it’s not like I want the child back but i just want to know if that’s the mother and nothing more. I want your fans to advice me if it’s necessary to do that. Alert me when you post it. Thanks.

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Written by Abena Magis

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