I Slept with My Own Sister


This world is wicked errhhh. Eeeeiiii. Hmmmm

All my life, I’ve known myself as the only child of my parents. My last relationship ended 2 years ago and I’ve been single since then.

I’m an administrator in one of the hospitals and I’m new here. Just recently, I recently met one nice accountant also working here. She is pretty and we’ve been great together. The chemistry is awesome. I’ve been single for a while so I said to myself she’s my last stop

We had our first sex this past weekend. Just this morning, her mum came to visit her from Accra. My girlfriend decided to introduce me to her.

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The mother shouted “Jesus” upon seeing me and the first thing she asked was “I hope you’ve not had sex yet”

We unanimously lied and said no. She mentioned my dad’s name and asked if I’m his son. I said yes. Then she said my girlfriend is my half sister. We share the same mother (her).

I’m 30 years oooo. It’s worse that I finally decided to date only to encounter this. My girlfriend turned sister has left the office and switched her phone off. Me too the day has been basaa (frustrating) for me

Please you and your fans should help me on what to do next. Is there anything I have to do for sleeping with my half sister unknowingly? I seriously need a psychologist too

He’s been referred to a psychologist

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Written by Abena Magis

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