I Shot My Shot But…


Good day to humble you and your fans. Let me share my story. To begin with I want my noble ladies and strong women to know that indeed every man knows what he wants and that is what he goes after and every woman knows the man she loves and that is what she longs for. If he doesn’t like nor want you, gather courage and move on. It is well. To my story

I recently shot my shot at a guy bi I met in my church when I went to visit my parents in December. Auntie Abena, he immediately grabbed the opportunity oo. The details is too long but Abena the bitter truth is he didn’t really want me at all. It was OPD kɛkɛ (ɔpɛ bi adi kɛkɛ – hit and run). I had to compromise so much and break some of my principles mpo to try to make him see and want me.

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He was always busy and I had to leave messages or wait for call me back for days. Hmm. When he called back or chat, he only talked about sex and brushed off any other topic. He sometimes even wished for phone sex (we are not in the same region). My male friends kept warning me and the waving red flag was so clear but I really liked him and thought I should give it time and chance.

When I couldn’t take it anymore I complained, he apologized and we decided to start afresh. The afresh was the la wu and the final draw ooo… at a point when he called or typed “hun, babe or sweetness,” I would begin to shake and cry. Not because he physically abused me but everything about him was just fake and lies. I finally mustered courage and told him I came on my own, I am living on my own.

He asked for reasons but the thing was paining me too much and I gave him none. It was obvious he knew what he was doing (“Wa la na wo bɛkɔ” you yourself go pack and go) that was it! He never called me. Never even asked how am doing. Heartbreak nu deɛ I’ve had it but I am living through It.

Recently about a week ago he went to where my son is took him out, spread the little boy and sent me pictures. I told him he has touched my heart. Derrr nor oga started “hun, babe I miss you.” The chills, fear and shakes came again. I just gave him that message “every man knows the woman he likes…” with a smile emoji. He chopped block. I called my mother to never allow anybody take my son out. Day by day I walk with Christ instead.

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Written by Abena Magis

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