I Seduced a 6 Year Old


Concerning the post about the 13 year old girl organising threesomes. I have a comment about it. This is the first time I’m sharing this publicly.

When I was about 7 years, I was defiled by my uncle. My parents used to travel a lot so Dad’s younger brother would stay with us. One time I woke up and realised he had done something with me. His prick was still inside my panties while asleep and it was wet. I didn’t have any idea what had happened so I was silent. This went on for a while and I started to enjoy it.

Unfortunately, I lived in a compound house with so many guys. Whenever my uncle was not around I’d find any man around to seduce. Never did I not succeed. All of them were old, I was just a small girl but they all have in. Overall, I slept with about 14 men in the hood before we moved.

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When we moved I really struggled because it was a quiet area. Then I spotted a neighbor’s son who was about 6 years old and started something with him as well but he was too small for me. I lost interest along the line and resorted to masturbation. It was very convenient for me.

When I got to Class 6, we were taught about menstruation and sex and pregnancy, all of it. It was my first time hearing these topics. That’s when I got to know what I had been doing all this while. Most of my mates had started menstruating and I believed I was pregnant since I hadn’t seen mine.

That year I dropped from the top 10 best students and lost an award I was supposed to get. My grades were terrible because all that I was thinking was how to deal with the “pregnancy.” I was so naive. Later my menses came and I got to know I wasn’t pregnant after all. Hmm.

When I was about to enter SHS, I attended a youth camp at my church and wrote my whole past down on a sheet and gave it to the pastor. I was tired of it all. They prayed for me and told me it had been done, I just had to believe and work towards it, taking a day at a time.

That’s how I stopped. I was determined to stop, and I ended it all. Now I’m in my 30s and a very happy person and I’ve learned to forgive all those adults who slept with little me. I also have a supportive man who helps when anything trigger some images from my past like your previous post.

Hopefully, the lady’s uncle will know how to help her from the little I’ve shared. My personal advice to him is, “please don’t be on the list of guys she’s slept with. You’ll remain there forever. Tell her she can overcome. She can do it with determination and with God.”

All the best.

Written by Abena Magis

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