I Saw Her As My Friend But She Has Been Backstabbing Me.


Aunty Abena, I had this friend that I was of good help to and never wronged.To cut long story short, I had a man that was so interested in me and loved me, but I wasn’t giving in easily due to past experiences.

So sis Abena, this man had a best friend who I introduced my friend to since she was going through some financial difficulties and was single as well. I trusted her and thought she could be a person being in the same circle of relationship with me. Not long ago, I started having problems with the man that was interested in me, ff I discovered everything we discussed as friends, she tells the one I linked her to.

They are best friends so he also ends up telling his friend what I discussed with my friend. Her excuse was she is in love with him and doesn’t note it when she is saying everything to him. That destroyed my relationship with the man that was interested in me but I didn’t really get mad over it, I still cared for her and was there for her anytime she needs me.

Aunty Abena, recently I realized this girl was just taking my good heart for granted. We both are business minded and share business ideas together and work towards them. We are both into different businesses, we advertise for each other and get businesses for each other. Just recently, our communication went down. I sensed she did something that is making her distance herself from me.

A few days after, she started the same business I do in addition to her numerous businesses. She had told me my business wont move in her area when we suggested in the past I keep some with her to sell.I confronted her and she didn’t have any vivid reasons for doing that apart from a flimsy excuse of her investor saying she should do it aside all the other things she is into. Of all the business ideas we are yet to explore, she chose mine.

The reason why I didn’t believe that excuse was because she blocked me from viewing her status before posting them for sale which means she knows what she was doing. Aunty Abena, currently I’ve given her space because I felt I didn’t deserve such cruelness from her. Aunty Abena, I need you and your fans advise on this, am I right to give her space or not? Was it fair on her part to do all that?

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NB: she is your fan and here on this page
Thank you.

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