I Registered His Church with My Own Money


Hmmmm about giving money to our husbands. I helped my kids’ father to pay for our 2 year rent advance when we got married in September, 2014. All the 24 months rent was from my pocket.

Auntie Abena, I even went to the extent of buying a car to make our movement easy because he is a prophet of a church at Amasaman Cocoa Board. A church I registered for him.

Almost 70% of the things in the house, from furniture to everything, I bought them. I single handedly paid for his schooling to be ordained. I was running a grocery shop whiles he only depended on offering and donations from people.

Any time I’m off to work then he will be sexing women in the house. I had my own car but he used it more often than me. Anytime I drove it, I’ll find all kinds of sex boosters especially dragon. When asked he would tell you it’s for a friend.

If I chance to go home earlier than he expects, I will meet my pictures off the hall walls and different bed spread on the bed. If I accuse him of cheating, he will plead and say if he ever wrongs me, God will punish him.

The emotional torture from him was just too bad so I decided to move to my father’s house when I realised I was pregnant with my 2nd boy. Our 1st boy was 1 year 6 months then.

I wanted a second car aside the old one so I gave him GHS15,000 to buy me a car from US then I’ll pay for the duty. One of his friends was bringing him cars to sell for him so I needed that favour. Auntie Abena the old car vanished, and the new car never came.

I demanded for the refund and after a while, through the help of an elderly woman, he refunded GHS8000. I had to report him to a friend at the Police Headquarters to force him to pay the rest. Even that, he only paid GHS1000 in addition.

Anytime I asked him where the old car was, he told me it’s in Kumasi. The welfare of the kids too was something he cared less about. All their bills were on me. But I’m grateful to God I’m able to cater for them.

I reported him to DOVVSU because he assaulted me one day for asking for my car and my money. I’ve been able to retrieve another GHS2,000.

Now he is at a hideout because he has collected a lot of ladies’ money after promising to marry them. Sometimes we think of what society would say when we move out of our matrimonial homes. Our personal happiness is very important.

Now I live happily with my boys and they always make me proud, telling me they would buy houses and cars for me. But no matter what I’ll make their dad cough up the rest of the things in his possession

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Written by Abena Magis

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