I Really Wanted To Date Her.


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Auntie Abena, I want advice on this…. There’s this lady who came to tertiary this year. In fact….we became friends and I proposed to her… She delayed acceptance as usual but always wanting to see me and be around me. She told me she’s not dating so I was happy to grab the position if acceptance is communicated.

We spent time without number together…. Sometimes in my room but we had no sex. Only kisses and grinding. Recently, this lady decided to give me attitude and when I asked her, she said she doesn’t know why she can’t accept my proposal but she’ll like us to be friends rather than in romantic relationship. I’m a good person and she wouldn’t like to lose me.

After that, she posted a guy with love emojis and padlock with globe? When I asked her, she said it was a dare to post him. I’m brokenhearted.

We always have good time. I’m thinking of stopping my serious relationship with her and just eat her when the chance comes. She claimed to be a virgin but she’s always sleeping outside her hall saying she’s gone to her friends place. I don’t know what to do.

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