I Put My Neighbor into Trouble but She Deserves It


Good evening to you and your lovely family. I must say I enjoy the stories and advises on this platform since I’m yet to marry. Anyway my issue this evening is not about relationship but my neighbor.

Last Friday I needed to send GHS2,850 to a friend to purchase an item for me. “Kyeres the money ankasa na ma y3

shi” I’m hot with money so I went to my neighbor who is a vendor and asked her what are the charges if she sends the said amount. This lady said GHS30. I was like “Eii! Isn’t it GHS10 for every 1000 and above?” She said a big No. I’m new in the area and the money too needed to get to a friend for Black Friday purchase so I sent it like that with that expensive transfer charge.

Fast forward, I called an MTN guy who is working on my merchant sim to bash him for delays because the extra money the woman took didn’t sound right to me. Immediately the guy said, “give me the vendors name. These are the bad agents we are looking for because she shouldn’t have charged you a pesewa above the normal charge.” So they blocked her.

Abena since Friday I haven’t slept well. Come and see noise from her after her merchant SIM getting blocked????????
I wanted to walk to her to explain but my beloved said I shouldn’t until she asked me herself.

I called the Merchant guy to fix the issue. This guy said the lady is4not remorseful so she needs training. Auntie Abena that means after 2 weeks that o. She’s doing repeat noise and akutiaa (insults) nkoaaa.????????????
Please notify me when you post. Anonymous too wai????

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Written by Abena Magis

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