I Poured Water on My Ex


God bless you for the good work you have been doing. I saw a post about a guy whose father advised him to ruin his girlfriend’s wedding. Auntie Abena, he should never do anything that because people will talk ill about him as some of them will not understand. He should rather leave everything to God for He will fight for him.

Auntie Abena, some months ago l made you post about me staying with a guy for 4 years only for him to leave me after maltreatment.???? l never knew he was doing dat just to marry someone I once called a friend.

They got married last 4 months but can you believe he is now worrying me to forgive him and settle with him. He says he can’t continue with my friend because she has totally changed after they got married. It’s been just 4 months ooo.

l warned my ex never to approach me again but he refused so last two weeks l angrily poured water on him. Though I felt sorry doing such to a man, I was so annoyed. l never asked my friend (l mean his Mrs now) anything till now and I know Karma is haunting her now. She is wishing for me to ask her why she did that to me but I don’t care to ask her because I need to focus on my future and not on them.

So l wanna tell this gentleman that Karma is real. He should forget her in his life but he should go and work professionally at the program and the lady will never be herself.

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Written by Abena Magis

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