I Need Mary Back in My Life


I hope you are doing well. You are really doing a great job. God bless you and your fans so much

OK so 8 years ago that’s in 2012, I had this young lady, let’s call her Grace whom I loved so much. By then she was still in SHS and had a very good friend, (I’ll call her Mary) who had completed so was always home.

Mary and I secretly started talking, one thing led to the other, and we started going out secretly. Grace was yet to write her final exams but I was there for her. Mary was quite jealous as she was someone who wanted me all to herself.

Grace finally finished and came home. Mary couldn’t stand seeing us together so went to Grace and told her everything that happened between she and I. When Grace confronted me, I got very angry at why Mary would do that so right in front of Grace, I called her and told her that I loved her friend. She Mary and I was just a mistake so she should forget it.

3 hours from that time, I was told Mary had taken poison and was rushed to the hospital. By God’s Grace she didn’t die and was discharged. Grace and I were still together but broke up about 2 years later. By then I had lost all communications with Mary.

The following year, in 2015, I chanced on Mary again, and we actually fell in love this time. But her mum took the issue so seriously that she never wanted to see me. I understood her and I begged her for forgiveness. Me and my family have knelt before her on so many times to beg her but to no avail.

Her point is that Mary can’t have anything doing with me because Grace was her close friend. Myself and my family have begged her. Pastors have begged her on my behalf but this woman still says never. In 2017, Mary got pregnant for me. Her mum did everything for her to abort but she refused, thinking when she gives birth the woman will at least calm down.

She gave birth in 2018. The woman loves her granddaughter so much but still doesn’t want to see me. Grace finally got married in 2019. We were all happy that at least now that Grace was off the market, Mary’s mum will calm down but nothing changed. Mary’s dad is OK with me, but it’s just the mum.

Last year December, my family went there to see if they could talk to her so we start marriage plans. This woman drove them out and told them over her dead body for her daughter to marry me. Mary and our daughter stay with her, I can’t even go there and visit my daughter. I really need help. I just don’t know what else to do

I am 31 and she is 28. I want to settle down with her, she is so gentle, very considerate and a God sent but her mum says over her dead body. Please advice me on what to do. Now my parents too are fed up. Mum even said If I still want to marry Mary then she won’t come to my wedding
Aunty Abena I need some serious help Mary is not ready to move on. Please Mano fans I need some help. I need advice.

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Written by Abena Magis

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