I Need An Excuse to Leave My Brother’s House


Good evening. God bless you for the love you have for your people. Thanks for your time too. It’s about the pregnancy cravings

Pregnancy is really weird but varies with different women. My brother’s wife was pregnant last year and I went through a lot because I live with them in the same house

My phone’s ringing tone always made her nauseous and I saw her vomit one afternoon when I had a call but couldn’t answer because I was fast asleep. With this, I had to change it. Secondly she hated to hear footsteps. Anytime she heard a footstep, she would have a migraine.

One afternoon as I returned from my group studies and entered the hall, she started vomiting. She then told me she could smell me as I entered the house ???? Eei sesei deɛ me ho bɔw no oo (she couldn’t stand my body scent) so my brother suggested I had to change my clothes, perfume and cream. Still this my sis inlaw said she can smell me oo.

I went to fix my nails and painted it purple. This woman saw it and boom got furious and she left the house to avoid seeing my face because my nails irritated her ???? She came back about 3 hours later. From then I told her anything I wanted to do to find out if she was okay with it or not and that really helped. No footsteps, meaning I had to remove my shoes and walk barefoot when entering the house. Hmmm.

I was at the hall one night around 2am doing my assignment and I heard her on a phone call. I decided to listen to who she was talking to and what she was saying. She was crying and telling the person that my brother says he’s tired and that he can’t have sex that night unless the following day. It was funny but I felt bad for her because she was really crying. Guess who she was speaking to…MY MOM!????

Eei she woke my hypertensive mum at 2am because of sex! That day in particular, my brother had just arrived from a field trip and you could see tiredness in his face. After all these, she put to bed a bouncing baby boy ???? Her baby boy is now 8 months and the boy loves me soo much. I really love him too.

Fast forward, I heard her telling my brother that she’s tested positive for pregnancys I’m typing now, I’m done packing. I’m just waiting for my brother to return on Tuesday then I tell him that I miss my mum and want to go live with her for some time.

I don’t know if this reason will be tangible but I’m still looking for a reason to leave because I can’t go through what I went through during her first pregnancy.

Please share for me because I need an excuse to leave. Thank you all. I’ll be reading comments.

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Written by Abena Magis

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