I Need a Pastor About The Gay Man Issue

Good evening Auntie Abena. My story is very long but please post this for me 🙏

Hmm well I’m a young guy of 22 years of age. This issue I’m about to talk about all started when I was just 14 years around 2014. I was living with my mom and my elder sister. There was this man in our area who really liked me. He always called me and advised me, also gave me things such as drinks, biscuits money etc. As time went on, he then became friends with my mom and my elder sister (I mean we took him as our family friend).

Since we came to stay in that hood I had been hearing rumors about the man being a gay but to me I didn’t see any sign or I didn’t think that of him because he never touched me. Also he didn’t talk about those stuff with me. But it got to a time this man always touched my dick. I felt maybe it was a play because my mind was too small to think that way. He continued doing that until one day I boldly told him I didn’t like what he was doing. I told him he should stop that else I’m gonna stop getting close to him. He agreed and stopped doing that to me.

I really loved music a lot so anytime my elder sister goes to school(Boarding)she doesn’t send her phone to school but she hides it in the room because she doesn’t want me to get access to her phone but all I wanted was her memory card so I could download more songs on it and listen to them.

One day I took the memory card out of her phone and went to download some tracks. On my way home, I saw this my friend (I mean the gay man). He asked where I was from. I told him where I went and he said, “okay then let’s walk together.” So on our way home, I tripped on a stone and I fell down. All I saw was that the world was moving round. Hmmm. I felt very dizzy.

This man held me and sent me home. The next day, I kept looking for the memory card but I couldn’t find it. I was like, “Eii God I’m dead” because I knew my sister was gonna kill me when she returned from school and didn’t find her memory card. Hmm. I went to this man and asked him if he saw a memory card on the ground when I fell down the other night he said no. I felt like doing something to myself because my sister ain’t gonna spare me if she doesn’t find her memory card.

That very evening, this man came to me and told me that a certain guy came to his shop (the Gay man was a Tailor ) and showed him the memory card. I asked him so did he take it and he said bo the guy is a Sakawa (internet fraud) boy. I was like huh !!!My mind was too small because I was young. Hmmm

He told me the guy showed him things he does to kill people for money and also sleep with ladies spiritually till they pass out. When he told me that, I was very scared. He said the guy said he was gonna use my sister for that since he’d gotten her pics and videos on the memory card. I started crying and asked him, “so what are we going to do about this?” He said the Sakawa guy says if I don’t want him to do that to my sister then I should find a virgin girl or sleep with him the Gay man. That I should choose one. I was like huh!!

Why would he say such a thing to me? I told him that he should plead with him so that we can do a different thing but he said no that was the only way. I became very sad the whole day but because I didn’t want anything bad to happen to my sister because I really loved her, I agreed that fine I will sleep with him. I didn’t know how I was gonna find a virgin Girl .

He said we were going to have sex for 3 days and after that he was gonna give the memory card to me. I was like, “oh okay. It’s fine.” Then I told him I’m not going to allow him put his dick inside my ass. He said okay then he will place his dick in between my thighs and fuck till he cums and I agreed to that. For all this while I never set my eyes on that Sakawa boy but always this man brought me information about him. I also believed it because my mind was too small. Oh God. Hmmm 😭😭

So we had sex for 3 days as the Sakawa boy said. The Gay man didn’t fuck me in the ass. I was really mad and angry doing that but I caused it and it’s because I didn’t want my sister to face that problem that’s why I decided to comply to that command. But after the 3 days, this man told me the Sakawa boy said I was angry when we were having sex so we should start all over again. I was like huh!! What is this Sakawa boy trying to do to my life na

He said this time around, we were going to have sex for 8 days before he can give me the memory card and also not sleep with my sister spiritually..
So this thing continued for over 2 years and all this while my mom didn’t know about that because the Gay man told me that the Sakawa boy says if I tell anyone about it I’m gonna get mad or die. I was also scared so I didn’t tell anyone about that hmmm.

It got to a time this Gay man came to me and told me that the Sakawa Guy says we should have a Blood covenant. I yelled and said oh God what am I getting myself into hmmm. I didn’t have any option than to obey the commands. I agreed and we went to the sea side at Kasoa Nyenyano to have that covenant. After that when I went home I cried and asked God to forgive me because it was not my will to do that so he should please forgive me

That was before I realized that all what this Gay man had been telling me was not true. It was tooo late hmmm. I didn’t know what to do than to stop talking to him and I really hated him since then till date. I start to cry anytime I remember this shameful act I got myself into in the past.

All I’m asking now is to find a very powerful man of God to help me go and spoil this covenant I had with this man. I can’t sleep auntie. Anytime I go to work, I can’t concentrate because of this covenant I had with this stupid man. Till date none of my family members knows about this and I don’t want them to know too especially my mom. She has BP and I think she is going to die when she finds out about this.

Auntie please, I want you to share for me if someone here can help me with a strong man of God to take me out from this slums I would be very happy. Please help a brother 😭😭😭 Sometimes I feel like committing suicide because of the stupid covenant I had with that man. It breaks my heart because it’s gonna destroy my life in the future 😭😭😭. Please post for me and I will be reading comments too. Thank you 🙏

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Written by Abena Magis

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