I Like Him But I Don’t Love Him.


Dear Auntie Abena, please keep me anonymous. You’re doing a great job and we keep learning daily from this novel page but I’m confused and have decided to finally block him.

I’m 29yrs and I have been in relationships which didn’t work and I have been single for almost 2yrs now. Eventhough I want to marry but I don’t want to rush. There is this guy I met on Facebook who has pursued me for the past 3yrs but I just gave in to talk to him few months ago.

Honestly speaking, he’s very good, God fearing, intelligent and caring. He is very matured, advises me and sends me money even when I haven’t asked but he realizes I’m broke. He respects me so much and has everything a woman needs and is also employed, in his mid 30s.

I like him but I don’t have any love feelings for him. He’s serious and wants to marry me, but I don’t have the same love and feelings he has for him. I want to cut him off. We have planned to meet several times for the first time but I have cancelled all because, I think I don’t love him and wouldn’t want to even see him but he still calls and talks to me on phone daily to check up on me and he is very friendly.

I have tried to cut him off several times but he gets so worried and says we should at least maintain the friendship because he truly loves me and is ready to marry me so I shouldn’t do that to him. He loves me and I know it’s real because he has told all his friends and close relatives about me, we’re very cool friends and I learn a lot talking with him but I don’t feel the same love for him.

What should I do in this situation please, help me because I want to block him and move on for someone I love. Please I need help so my friends shouldn’t insult me.

I’ll be reading comments. Thank you.

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