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I Lied to My Girl That I’m a Taxi Driver


Good morning. God bless you and the entire manofans. Auntie Abena you made a post of a lady looking for a relationship leading to marriage on Unsingle Me. I took the number and started a conversation with the lady.

We vibed for one week before she agreed for us to date. She asked of my occupation and I told her I’m a taxi driver (which I’m not). I’m a pharmacist and work at a hospital in the Ashanti region. I just faked my occupation to see how far this relationship will go. I decided not to rush in asking her home so I asked her to meet me at a place of her choice.

We met at a certain restaurant and Auntie Abena, can you imagine this girl told me she can’t be with a taxi driver because she doesn’t want to hurt me and we haven’t dated for long so we should end it? I asked her why she doesn’t want a taxi driver but she said nothing. We went our separate ways after eating at the restaurant.

I waited till after I went home before taking a picture of my staff ID and sending it to her. I even told her the hospital I work so she can check me up there . She was surprised and started pleading for forgiveness. I told her no, it’s over but she should be careful in her next relationship.

So ladies just exercise patient when a guy comes your way because the way the world is moving some guys especially me do hide their work so don’t reject them base on their occupation.

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Written by Abena Magis

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