I Lied That My Girlfriend is My Cousin

Hello aunty Abena. I want you and your fans to help me on this issue and what to do please. I’m really broken hearted 💔😢. I started dating this lady in November last year and I can tell she wholeheartedly loves me, and I also do as well. She even surprised me on my birthday with some gifts.

I got some days off at work and wanted to go and see my parents back at home in the Oti region. I told her and she said she would like to go see them, which I accepted. The road was so far but she didn’t mind. She left all her busy schedules and followed me there which I really appreciate and loved her more for that.


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When we got there, I introduced her to my parents and my other relatives and family members as the woman in my life and we are planning to get married very soon. We had a nice time with the family and we went to the farm, riverside and other interesting places together. We had to leave there yesterday and she was even feeling reluctant to leave self.

Now there is a lady friend of mine living in this same town. We do chat together and when we got to the town on the first day, this lady chatted with me asking me which lady did I come with and I told her she’s a cousin of mine. So on our way back, I was chatting with her when my girlfriend saw that chat and she really felt disappointed 😔☹️.

Right from our journey till we got to Accra she didn’t talk to me and she was giving me attitude. I understand her and I apologized but she didn’t say anything. We all alighted and went to our individual house. I checked my sms and I saw her message saying we can’t continue anymore because I am toying with her emotions.

From the time I got her message till now I haven’t been okay. I am really down and feeling so broken. I know I was wrong to have said that and I have been trying to reach her by any means but I have been blocked everywhere. My friends listened to my plea to call her but she once told me she doesn’t pick strange numbers so she hasn’t answered any of their calls. You can keep me anonymous, kindly let your fans advise me on what to do. I’m teary. Thank you for your good work.

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Written by Abena Magis

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