I Led Myself Down A Dark Path. (Part 2)


So I met the guy, gave him a free doggy and the mallam instructed me to put on beads cos that’s what will make it work faster. Since the guy has to hold it whiles fucking me.?? After, I was asked to give the handkerchief I wiped with to the guy to throw it away on his way home. And even give him some money on top, eii desperation and greed combo. I went home that day and I didn’t feel well throughout that night. But along the line, my first guy and I came back together again so I had to call him over to sleep beside me cos I was too scared.

FF I have never felt better since that day. That was around February last year until just this past Thursday hmmmmm. I started losing friends all of a sudden. No one wants me around even those who loved me hated me at once. But something within my instincts kept telling me I should start praying. The thing only reminded me to pray the moment I enter my room but I felt too ashamed to pray and didn’t know how to start it since I knew I was not stable. Even though I believed but it was all out of early miracles. I didn’t know it was what the guys took that was doing that to me. I had a miscarriage within last year and Aunty I felt totally rejected.

Meanwhile this man (the married one) is still pestering me here and there. Preaching how much he loves me each and everyday even though I have told him it’s over. He’s even aware I’m dating someone else. So I told a friend last two weeks that I want to go to church but I want a church that is powerful. Even before so I was into this WhatsApp group of which they teach about herbs. The teacher in that group was a herbalist and also a spiritualist so we used to talk on phone like we became close. Cos I used to ask him more about things and the funny thing is he kept telling me how powerful ladies stuffs are e.g used menstrual pads, panties, tissues we have used to clean our vjays.

He always told me to be very vigilant about those things but not knowing I have forgotten I have done some already cos after the guy took the used handkerchief, the mallam refused to pick up my calls and I stopped calling. So during our conversation, he said he’s checking my star for me. Lo and behold, he saw it and told me they are using my star and it’s not shining the way it’s supposed to. It was then that it dawned on me, thinking about where things started going wrong. I explained everything to him. He asked me if I still have the beads but I told him I have different types of beads so I can’t differentiate.

Then he told me to burn them all, but what surprised me was I looked for all my beads and burnt them. I thought I have burnt all and I came back to my room to see one of them there which I forgot to burn. So I just put it somewhere that when I burn something next time then I add it. He even asked me that when I gave the guy the handkerchief, didn’t I feel anyway and that was when I realized that night how weird I was feeling. He told me that it was my soul speaking to me cos my soul knew I was in trouble. He decided to give me some herbs for cleansing but I don’t know what happened the next day of which I’m supposed to meet him for the herbs, he stopped talking to me and even blocked me on Whatsapp eii.

That was when I told my friend and attended church service with her last two weeks. The pastor is indeed powerful cos a whole me would never fall when I wasn’t engaged in this fetish thing but just a shout and I was down so I believed the pastor is powerful and God sent. That he can revive me cos I was tired of it all and I wanted to get back to my past. So after church was counselling and I decided to pour my heart out to the pastor. That was when I knew that the only person that can help me is God and His Grace. This pastor told me to have sex with my current guy and wipe my Vjay and give it to him so he can spoil whatever they used me for.

I thanked him and left. When I got home, I told my friend what her pastor told me to bring. Imagine this girl telling me to do it cos the pastor won’t use it against me and she has been seeing some ladies bring somethings to him and he helped them out. I educated her on what I know about anything concerning ladies I know. She told me to tell the pastor I can’t do it, he can change the direction for me but I didn’t. Ff I remembered there was another fake pastor I know who had been bothering me to come to his church and I never did because of how our first encounter was.

This pastor told me I’m not supposed to be broke cos the vision he’s seeing about me is money, car, marriage and a house this year. I believed him at first sight because he stopped me from going out that day saying someone has planned an accident for me that day. And the day before that, I had already called my friend and the guy who took my wipe and questioned him. This guy told me to leave him alone. If I have someone to spoil it, I should go and spoil it. The lady denied not to know anything about what happened. But my herbalist friend had already told me they all knew it and plotted it.

He said even my friend will come and tell me that we should go somewhere to spoil it since I have confronted them. But if I go, they are going to kill me. So when the pastor said that I believed until he started talking about me not having sex with anyone. Asking me if I do give my guy blow job and does my guy lick me. Even asking me if I enjoy him so I stopped chatting him until I decided to talk to him. I decided to talk to him and see what he would also say about it.

During the narration, I remembered I had not burnt that one beads and I remembered that was the beads I used that night. I felt like crying again. hmmmmm the pastor told me he can help me but he will charge me 300 cedis for that cos he also has to eat but before he comes I should make sure I burn those beads. Aunty, God been so good I was done with my menses and I usually keep then burn them together. I remembered something that the herbalist told me. That if someone goes for a charm and a lady who is menstruating touches him, the charm wears off.

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