I Led Myself Down A Dark Path. (Part 1)


Good evening Aunty Abena, I have a confession to make and I wish I could say this loud in church but I’m too ashamed to hmmmmm.

2½ years ago my boyfriend broke up with me even tho I did all his chores and even helped him with the little I get from work without demanding. Aunty it was so painful that I couldn’t stand the heartbreak for the second time. That was my second relationship and that was when it all went sour. I never knew what was at stake for me.

During my broken heart, a friend took me to a mallam so I can get him back. Upon getting there the mallam asked me why do we wait till the person breaks our heart before trying to get him back. Cos it makes it nearly impossible since the person has his mind on someone else. Moreover he is a twin and he also told me he sees so much blood around me.

He asked if I had aborted before but I laughed and said no and even said it in my mind that he is just saying anything to scare me. So I accepted my fate and moved to a friend’s place in Accra so I can forget and get the time to heal since I was staying in Kumasi. After 3 months I had recovered and was hoping to meet someone who will love me the way I love until I met this new man came.

The man was so caring and everything I wanted in a man and that was when I remembered what the mallam told me earlier to tie him down before he breaks up with me. I asked the man for some money ans went off to a place to tie him down. Hmm it was successful and this man couldn’t get enough of me until I found out he’s married with three kids. He is even older than my own parents oo including my dad.

Just then I lost interest cos I realized he’s never going to be mine no matter how long I keep him. So I sat him down and asked him if he will marry me and he said he doesn’t mind divorcing his wife to marry me. Basically, I’m against that since I’m from a broken home and looking at the time this man speaks to me on phone and even comes over, to sleep at my place that he rented for me shows the marriage is not healthy. I could tell what the wife is going through cos he doesn’t give a damn about her feelings but would fight over me even if he sees me with a male friend.

One day he invited me to church and I was scared a man of God might tell him what I have done. I didn’t know how he would react so I went but was around him till we left the place that night after the church service. I confessed to him about what I did and asked him to see a man of God to break that tie because it doesn’t affect me most but him. He told me he doesn’t believe in those things and he doesn’t think that’s what made him to love me so I should go for my money.

But I know it’s working and it’s still working as I’m typing this to you. Aunty, what they say that if Satan heals you of your Headache, he replaces it with Ulcer, I believe it now. I sat down and realized that I’m not able to do anything with the money the man showers me with. So I decided I need to get something from the man at least before leaving since whenever I tell people about how I want to leave him because he has a wife that’s the same answer they give “get something first”

So I decided to look for a mallam who can help me to get one of the man’s houses as a gift to me and lo and behold, I talked to one friend. She told me she knows someone who can help me since the person helped her by making her man buy her a land. I was convinced not knowing they (my friend and her boyfriend) were asked to get a lady’s wipe as in after having sex with the lady, they wipe the ladies vjay as if cleaning her up and use it to boost the guys scamming job.

They plotted the thing and the mallam called me that the man is not happy with me because I don’t want to give him a child. So before he can talk to the man’s soul to give me his house he needs me to wipe my vjay for him and I need to have sex with a Tuesday born before wiping myself. I told him I don’t know anyone who is a Tuesday born and he quickly offered me my friend’s boyfriend to do it with him. I didn’t know he’s dating my friend but I was scared and asked if nothing will happen to both of us and he said no.

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