I Know My Husband’s Side Chick


I want to say something to ladies of today. After meeting a guy they like, some of them don’t bother to check their backgrounds. All they do is meet a guy online or in person, chat with him and within a short time start a relationship with him.

My husband has this side chick he’s been having an affair with but she doesn’t know he’s married. She doesn’t know our house. She only knows his workplace. He however goes to sleep at her place twice a week. He will lie to me that he is doing patrols but that’s not true.

I have evidence but just decided to mind my own business. Sometimes I pity her because she thinks she’s gotten a man all to herself. Interestingly, he only goes to her place when the company’s car is in his possession.

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Character-wise, my husband is a quiet guy so ladies think he’s trustworthy. He can be on the phone with them 24/7 but I have chosen not to mind him.

He also has time for them too especially when he meets them fresh like that. He’ll talk to them constantly. It’s after he’s slept with them that things change. He’s a very good womanizer with two baby mamas but they didn’t know until it’s too late. If you meet a guy like my husband, and you don’t do any background check and he has sex with you na your carelessness cause am.

My advice to ladies is have time to study the guys you meet before even accepting to date them.

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Written by Abena Magis

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