I Keep Having These Weird Dreams.


Good morning Aunty Abena please I’m in a very confused state n I need help and advice.

Please I have been having these weird dreams continuously for the past three days n it’s really taking a toll on me. Last three days ago I had a dream of having sex with my fellow female n I was d one in control of the act. Hmmmmm the next day was another dream but this time it was a man who was being forced by someone to have sex with me n I was enjoying it in d dream that I told d guy to do it well or I will tell the one forcing him that he didn’t do it well.

Yesterday I had a dream of raping a small girl, the girl said she will tell d dad but in d dream d girl told d dad but he didn’t believe her saying I can’t do that n I went back to have sex with d same girl d next day but wen I left d house, the girl’s father saw me around d neighborhood so I saw him going to ask the girl n I woke up out of shock.

This dream is really bothering me n I’m scared cos all my dreams eventually happens in real life. I don’t know what to do, please post this for me and keep me anonymous. Thank you.

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