I Hid The Paternity From Everyone For Love’s Sake .


Hello Abena, please kindly hide my identity. I’m dating a guy and I got pregnant, which he asked me to abort and I refused. We both kept the pregnancy secret because we both attend the same church. The only money I took from him was the money he gave me to abort the baby which was 700gh and I never did. I was so much ashamed that I didn’t want to go out. This was because my pastor and elders wanted to know who is responsible but I hid his identity.

There is this guy who is interested in me so much that he took me in and people thought he is responsible, but he is not. He has been there for me all the time. I put to birth and he (the one responsible) realized that I’m staying with a man( a friend told him). He asked me and I told him the truth. I let him know I stay with him but he never asked me for sex even though we sleep under the same roof. I lost my baby on the fourth day after birth. My family spent more than 4.000 in Ridge hospital in which my baby daddy paid nothing.

Now he is seeing another lady and when I confronted him, he told me he doesn’t love me and I was dating him and seeing another man which is not true. I love this guy, l asked him to forgive me for not telling him the truth but he refused. I stay with the other guy because the shame was too much, it was as if I don’t know who impregnated me. I stay with the guy to stop the questions from elders and pastor from church which really worked.

I will be happy to be with the new guy but he has very big issues that I can’t put down here and the guy himself knows no lady will love to be with him with such condition. He just needs someone to be with him so that it will be like he also has a lady. I just don’t know what to do, I love my guy but he wants nothing to do with me again.

My guy asked me to tell the church elders but I can’t because I hid it from them from the beginning. Even if I do that the current guy’s secret will be revealed. He also doesn’t want anyone to know of it, not even his family. I’m confused and need your help before I take a step. By the way, my parents know my guy is responsible.

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