I Have Wasted Four Good Years!!


Hi,Auntie kindly keep me anonymous.

Have been dating this guy for four years now, and I have never met any of his family members. whenever I ask him to introduce me to his family, it will result in a quarrel because his responses are so annoying.

This issue got me thinking so hard that I started thinking negatively that could he be married or he might even be a ghost mmm. So, at last I thought of leaving him.

Auntie, not knowing this guy went to marry in our second year of relationship. He is married for 2 years now and we have been dating for 4 years now! Auntie, upon hearing this news I couldn’t believe it but through my investigations I got to know it was true.

Hmmm, I was so hurt and cried bitterly because I wasted my time. But in all I thank God for this revelation.

Auntie, please I want to know what could lead to all these?

Because after he got married, he was still seeing me. He was always with me and nothing showed that he got married. I think about it and sometimes, I just doubt he is married.

I asked him and he denied it and blocked me everywhere too. This has hit me so hard!!

Please Auntie kindly let me know if you post this. Thank you.

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