I Have Saggy Breasts


Good evening. I don’t really want to talk about myself but Auntie Abena I’m suffering. Every single day I’m being body shamed ???????????????????????? I know I’m fat, have saggy boobs, flat hard butt and a shapeless body but auntie Abena is not my fault…. it’s heredity.

Almost every girl in my family has this structure and I can’t do anything about it. Sometimes i even feel like committing suicide because most of my friends are out there dressing and having fun whilst I’m always indoors wearing big dresses to avoid any insults from people…???????????? I just can’t take it anymore.

In another story, a guy says his girlfriend’s saggy breasts turns him off. Though she’s perfect in every way, his only problem is with her saggy breasts.

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Written by Abena Magis

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