I Have Not Regretted Breaking Up With Him.


Good morning Aunty Abena. Guess all is well with you please? Kindly keep me anonymous.

About the lady whose boyfriend broke up with her because she asked for commitment after eight years of dating. Hmmmmm, l have a similar story. I met my ex a year after shs. We dated for six good years. All through the years we saw each other only four times, yes four times. He was the one doing the visit but we never had sex. I never got to know or meet his family or friends.

I didn’t and still don’t know where he works. I don’t know his house and he wouldn’t let me know his Facebook account too??‍♀️. Aunty Abena, my ex is handsome, very principled, gentle and intelligent. Foolish me. I was so much into him that whenever l asked him about his family or work or where he lives. He either gave excuses or changed the topic and l was still with him because I was in love.

Aunty, he was an over-jealous man, always wanted to know who l am chatting with or where l am going to and he always wantee evidence of truth lol. It got to a point he was always giving me pain. We break up, then we come back together. I sat myself down one day and realized this won’t take me anywhere because he didn’t want us to talk about marriage at all. I decided it was time l cut off ties with him forever and l did just that.

It was hard for me but l moved on and God being good to me l met a man who loves me like his body. A true gentleman and he makes me feel so good in this relationship that l kept asking him where he has been all this while ???. Ah well, last year my ex wanted a comeback. He confessed he was cheating on me. That he will not marry if the lady is not me. I didn’t hesitate blocking him everywhere. My dear lady, move on and be your self, you will get someone to love you genuinely.

And trust me, you will thank the day you and him broke up. Have you asked yourself, what if it is God’s plan so you meet your future husband? It is okay to cry over it, you will be fine dear. Believe me you, someone somewhere is praying for you to become his woman. Have faith ?

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