I Have Feelings for Her But Is Her Change Genuine.


Hello Madame, greetings to you and your manofans. Please I need ur fans to help me on this. Please keep me anonymous.
I took her number from a friend and since then we have been chatting and sometimes we talk on the phone.

We are from the same region but different towns and we went to the same university. I didn’t know her during my stay in school , she is a level 300 student, very pretty, intelligent, smart and charismatic young lady. She is like a palace or a castle (Ahenfie) everything dey inside. She is my dream girl, we haven’t met yet but I do know how I feel about her. Her striking beauty will make every guy insecure and I am not an exception.

The thing is, she is very scarce. You hardly get her to reply ur messages swiftly but wen ever she does, she is very cool and welcoming. I have already made my intentions clear to her but she didn’t give any feedback to that effect but I never bothered to backdown. Just recently she surprisingly started addressing me as Baby, boo and all that and I was kinda confused.

I know l love and like her and wish all this new trend is true, but seriously I am not convinced and wish ur fans can help me with some ideas. We are planning on meeting, she is everything I ever wished for, and I already have feelings for her but I want to be rational at this point and not let my emotions get most of me. Could this be true?

I want to know if I should go ahead and meet her and also whether her sudden change could be genuine.b

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