I have been Rejected so Many Times and Just Tired


I am now 30 years and my last good relationship was like 10 years ago. Mostly, girls come into my life where I’ll help them, love them but when the time comes for me to propose to them they’ll give me very funny excuse and reject me.

You name it, I have paid for everything – from school fees to rent. I have loved many to my own hurt. I am very religious and don’t do sex before marriage. Sometimes I feel so lonely and unloved by someone special that it just hurts so bad. What hurts more is the memory of all those girls that I fixed them up and made happy, only for them to say I am like a brother to them, they cannot love me.

I’m tempted to take the decision to be single for life and give no business with dating. I have not been in any good one anyway. I’m filled with so much disappointment. Some memories are so bad that it can’t be shared here.

I want to ask a question, will I ever find true love? Is there anything as such because oo me all ladies are the same ooo. They pretend and use me and later give me excuses when the time comes to be committed.

Auntie don’t share if you don’t have to but hide my name and information if you have to. I am a very secret person and want to keep it that way.

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Written by Abena Magis

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  1. Bro, it’s sad the youth of today think only about sex the moment the opposite sex approach them. I dated a lady for a year without a kiss mpo, one day, she called me out, rented a hotel and told me to have sex to prove myself as a man, funny right?? But don’t give up yet. A genuine lady will find you and you won’t have regrets because there are equally good ones too. Christ in you, the ultimate hope of glory. You can send a private mail should you require chatting more on this topic:
    Best of luck

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