I Have a Chance for Revenge Against My Ex, Should I Take It?

Ei Auntia Abena I hope you’re good.
This matter I’m about to share erh, it’s serious but funny.

So I dated this lady for about 2 years until during the latter part of December, 2019 I found out she had been sleeping with her married ex for all that while. Love indeed blinds us so despite my pain and anger I forgave her. 2 weeks later, I asked her if she had sorted things with the guy and her guilt set in so she made us break up. That’s when I realized she probably didn’t love me all this while.

She decided to leave me for this ex who made her abort a baby, cheated on her with someone else and when the other lady got pregnant, married her? A question I don’t have answers for. A few weeks after our breakup, this girl deleted my number, unfriended me on Facebook and even blocked me.

I met her sometime later whiles driving my company’s car and decided to give her a ride!! I wish you had seen her cold attitude towards me. Me rather oo. And oh before anyone talks of me not doing blah blah for her and so on… I did a lot for her and have concluded she is just ungrateful. I later found out she was cheating with other men as well.

Fast forward we are in 2022 and I was able to buy a car late last year…a Honda Accord. Just last week whiles driving in town, I heard and felt a loud knock behind my car. I got down to see a car had bumped into mine. A guy dropped from the passenger seat and advanced towards me, I guess in the quest to intimidate me. I also advanced towards him but upon getting close I realized it was my ex’s ex 😂😂.

Auntie my anger rose immediately from 5 to 10. I wanted to slap him but another guy stepped in. Then my eye met with the driver which happened to be a lady. AUNTIE ABENA my ex to be precise was the driver who bumped into my car! I had mixed feelings. The anger in me wanted me to cause a scene but I comported myself. I wanted to threaten her if she didn’t have a license but I remembered she had one. One which I PAID FOR 😂. And I taught her how to drive before going to the driving school.

Right now, the matter is with the police. If she had apologized that day, I might have considered making it domestic but she didn’t. Now they want to fix that part but I refused. I would rather they buy a new trunk. Oh and the guy’s car is a Toyota Corolla 2017 maybe.

This evening her sister called to beg on her behalf. What do I do now? Would I be wicked if I press on for them to buy me a new trunk which I know is very expensive? I don’t want it to seem like vengeance too.

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Written by Abena Magis

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