I Had a Baby with a Married Woman


I met this lady of about 23 years of age in 2017 December and we started getting along. I didn’t know she was married and she kept that from me.

She told me she is a single mom of a boy child and that she is from Ho and so on. She paid me visits me even when she’s aware I had nothing on me, as in transport. She’s all I ever wanted in a woman as she is also not the demanding type. I showered her when the pocket was a bit lifted yet she never allowed me to visit her home up till one-day she told me her mom was deceased and will be going for the funeral.

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To cut matters short, we had sex and and she told me 3-4 days later that she was pregnant. I had never impregnated any woman before so I was naive about it. Before us having sex, she told me that should we have sex she will get pregnant. She was very much eager to have a baby for me.

After the funeral, she mistakenly made a statement and I got to know that the place she claimed to have come from was false and that she was our enemy (there is still war between the two tribes). After four months, we lost contact and I got to know through her big sister that everything I know about her is false.

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She was married with 3 kids, and her mother and died in 2015 and not 2018. Oh my! I slept with someone’s wife? I cried like a baby auntie Abena. Her husband summoned her before her kinsmen and she was fined. (I asked why she would not tell the truth because the husband said he was not responsible for the pregnancy yet she never mentioned me to anyone as the father too)! I don’t know why she would do so while married too?

In short, she gave birth but told me she aborted it. We lost contact for a while but in 2019 she told me to come for my baby. Later she denied ever saying that. I had all the audio recordings but I lost them later. I was told by her auntie that she gave birth in “May” which was confusing. I don’t know if she got pregnant in “May” 2018 while she got pregnant in February or “May” 2019 which is past the EDD (she said she will find out but I never heard from her again) to.

Everyday, I feel I’ve abandoned an innocent baby and I don’t even know her plight as at now (it’s a baby girl). Auntie Abena, I’m tempted to call her again but don’t want to cause any more trouble in her marital home. Please help me, I’m confused. There’s a lot more but I’ll keep it here. Please help me lift this burden off my heart please. Thanks!

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Written by Abena Magis

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