I Got My Revenge


Thank you for this beautiful platform. I want to share with you how I got my revenge on my cheating boyfriend after 5 years.

We met somewhere 2014 when I was in level 100. He was then doing his National service. We were literally seeing each other every day. Though my sister was very strict on me, I’d skip classes to meet him so I could go home and pretend as if I just closed from lectures.

He was broke by then so I increased handout prices and even requested things not needed just so I’d get money from my dad to give to him. One day his phone wasn’t working and I gave him mine to use but left my SD card in it.

When I went for it and went through it, I couldn’t believe my eyes ????. I saw the nudes of a lady from Nigeria that he’d claimed was a family member. I never asked or spoke about it.

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Months later, this guy started ignoring my calls so I decided to go to the house. I met his brothers at the hall, greeted and proceeded to the bedroom only to see him making out with that same lady. Though my heart was breaking, I went back to the hall, helped his younger brother with his assignment till the guy and the lady finished and went out without a word ????

I still waited thinking he’ll come back and explain things to me but it never happened. I then stood up and went home crying in the cab. I never heard from him again until recently when he met one of my fellow beauty contestants and my name popped out.

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He took my number from her and got in touch. We started talking again and he told me he’s now serious and wants to settle down bla bla bla. That he’s been comparing me with his girlfriend and more so I told him I still love him. We can therefore proceed with the preparations.

He then apologize for what happened 5 years ago. Within me I haven’t forgiven him but I pretended to have forgiven him and still loves him like before. He went and told his brothers we’re back together. They were all happy for us when he told them his intentions. I went to meet his mum as well.

The day they were coming to see my family I called him few minutes before setting off to tell him I couldn’t do it anymore. I can’t marry him again and switched my phone off. Later when I switched the phone on, I saw messages upon messages.

I just replied, “that’s how I felt on 15th June 2015.”

Auntie Abena, after that I felt so satisfied. I’ve now forgiven him though but he’s still mad at me.

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Written by Abena Magis

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