I Gave My Husband Money to Pay My Mum


Hmmm. My story is about our spouses taking money from us. This is my side of the story

My husband is a very loving husband every woman will wish to have. We have been married for close to two years now. I got pregnant just when I started my National service. Things were hard because we were not paid for several months.

I agreed with him to go to my mum’s place to deliver because my condition was not good. Right after I delivered, our salaries finally came and all my arrears plus my current then came to over GHS7000.

Before that, my mother was demanding GHS600 every month from him for my feeding. I was surprised at her because it’s not like my husband was not takimg care of his responsibilities towards me. Things were hard for him which I knew so sometimes I had to send money to him to send it back to my mum as my feeding fee. I was trying to cover my husband up.

He didn’t spend a pesewa on our baby. Everything for the baby, was from my pocket. He even told me to use my money to buy things for my 6 weeks weighing (40 days) and he will pay back. When I came back from my mum’s place, I told him of the money he was owing me and he said he will pay. He didn’t pay it.

About 6 months later when I asked of the money again aa, come and see Massa dey bore. He told me to calculate all the money I have spent and that he will pay ASAP. Eei Bra, I initially thought I was helping you in the small way I can but you promised to pay me back. I didn’t force you. The money still hasn’t been paid.

Now I’m currently pregnant and I have made up my mind that if I decide to go my mother’s place again I’ll have to look for money to send to him before he transfers it to my mother for my feeding. Hmmm. Only God knows how I’ll survive.

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Written by Abena Magis

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