I Feel Unsafe Around Him Now.


Hi Abena I’m a 22 year old SHS graduate who lost both parents at the age of 9. I later lived with my aunty but left to Accra for greener pastures because of the maltreatment I received at home. I met an old lady who employed me as a house keeper and was paid 200.00 a month but after a year she asked me to leave because she can’t pay me any longer so while in that situation, a guy from my church proposed to me and I accepted.

He’s God fearing and kind. I thought God brought him to me. I told him my problem and he asked me to stay with him only to find out that he’s 38 years old and didn’t have the privilege to be enrolled in school. And he repairs electronics for survival, eventhough he has never slept with me before. But I feel unsafe in his hands because I read some threatening messages from people on his phone that says that he has taken their money to get them machines but they haven’t received them.

And by so doing it’s either they make him mad or call the police to arrest him. I asked him about it; he got angry and said I don’t have the right to touch his phone because I can’t help him soIve his problem so I shouldn’t try it again. Now, I am scared and want to get out of the relationship but I do not have any place to stay and also I have no job to do for now eventhough I have applied for a job but I haven’t gotten it yet.

He is the only one providing me shelter and food, even sometimes things are difficult at home but he still tries to provide food for me. I feel frustrated right now and don’t know what to do. I really need help?Pls keep me anonymous. I will be reading the comments. Thank you ?

Written by East@Edito468

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