I Feel Stuck In A Loveless Relationship.


Good Day Aunty and all your fans. Please I need help/advice. I’m 26 years old. I’ve been dating this guy for five years now. He was so much in love with me and was also a very serious guy who wanted to settle down.

Though I wasn’t in love with him I thought about it for a very long time and I accepted him because I heard people saying it’s better you be with a guy who loves you and also I’ll definitely come to love him as time goes on.

I also accepted him because i was scared I wouldn’t find any serious guy when I’m ready since most of the guy just wants sex then they’ll leave you. I have 2 kids
with him now and our traditional marriage is in 3 months time. I still don’t love him and doesn’t even find him attractive. He’s not the type of guy I really want. I never enjoy sex with him and he’s even not the sex type of guy.

I’m the one that has to force him to have it with me most of the times and that really sucks!!! I’ve tried this whole 5 years to love him but it just doesn’t work. I feel I’m too young to be in a relationship that I’m not happy in and I’ll always just be imagining being with someone I love and how fun it would be. He’s 11 years older than me and I think that’s also one of the reasons he’s not romantic and not fun to be with.

After 2 kids with him I think I don’t have anywhere to go again and that really makes me sad and I cry most of the time. Because I listened to people telling me it’s better to be with someone who rather loves me, I’m now the one suffering.

Please help me. I need an advice.
And also tho the ones coming
Please be with someone you also love so you don’t one day go through what I’m going through.Thank you.

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