I Feel She Is Toying With My Emotions.


Hello auntie Abena, God bless you for the good work you’ve taken upon yourself. Please post me anonymous wai abeg.
I was dating this girl way back in 2013 until she left me just last year around November which marks our 7years since we started dating. She didn’t give me any reason for leaving. All she said was she’ll look for me wherever I am to tell me why she left when the right time comes but for now deɛ she won’t tell me anything.

I know perfectly that I haven’t done anything bad, she too assured me that she’ll would have told me if I’ve done anything wrong but I haven’t. As at now, we’re no more together but she allowed me to make love to her n it has happened twice since she broke up with me. But yet still she claims she doesn’t wanna be with me anymore. She gets jealous whenever she calls n am making calls, all her actions proves she still loves me n I also love her too but all that she keeps on saying is that she’ll lemme know why she broke up with me when the right time comes.

I sometimes ask her, what if that right time of yours comes and I’ve moved on? She then told me she’ll blame herself if that happens. I still don’t know what she’s up to, I really love this girl n I don’t know what to do. Please Mano fans, I need your advice

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